If you own a property, you would want to ensure that it expresses your personality.  You want to make sure that your wall tells something about you.  You hate to feel like you are staying in a hotel.  You would want to install great artistic impressions, amazing wall decor, and photos that will enhance your personality and culture.  Here are crucial concepts that will help you improve the aesthetic impressions that you need.  

First, as a rule of the thumb, you should not consider hanging art and decor at exaggeratedly high heights.  In fact, most of the gallery designers and museum curators recommend that you hang your art at least 60 inches on center of your floor.  If you are a short individual, you may want to try 57 inches on the center.  But then you have to consider the size of the wall art; it doesn't have to appear exaggerated.  

You also need to make a statement.  You see, having huge blank walls can be intimidating.  And the easiest way to decorate such a magnificent wall is to take advantage of large pieces.  You may choose to install large-scale original artistic painting or a fine art photograph.  Both can be expensive choices, so you have to take your time to visit numerous galleries, and meet different artists.  

You should see to it that buy artistic impression that will meet the standards that you have.  It should also be a great insight to make use of the art print that is designed and framed from a reclaimed metal or wood.  You may also decide to hang similar objects in pairs or triptychs.  And in any case, all the three prints are ideal given that you have a large blank wall.  

You also need to create a gallery wall.  It can be such a stunning move to install such attractive and amazingly appealing products that you consider favorite.  

But then, you have to examine how different things that you plan to include in your gallery will play out at each other eventually.  You see, there are two principal ways for which you can install a gallery wall.  For more about wall decor: uswalldecor.com.

First, you need to assemble everything that you would want to install on your gallery wall.  You would then set to determine how you are going to arrange these products before you can put them on your wall.  And by all means, be sure to avoid the grid-like pattern.  It is recommended that you mix elements, while paying attention to the shape, texture, and even material. Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wall.
Amazing Tips On How To Design And Decorate Your Wall